Friday, February 22, 2013

What's Your Ideal Day?

We’ve all sat around with our friends at one time or another and talked about who we’d choose for company on a deserted island. Or who we’d like to invite for dinner.
I heard some high school kids in the mall the other day having their own unique version of this conversation, and it started me thinking.
If I only had one more day, what would I do? I suppose the question is similar to the bucket list question...but different.
In the movie The Bucket List, they had some amazing adventures. But that was fiction, and just for now, let’s set fiction aside.
So what would I do? What do I love?
Besides my family, I love the outdoors. I love to see cottonwood seeds floating on the air during hot summer days and I love the way they gather in windrows at the side of the road. I love the funky smell of rain on hot pavement. I love the sight of sun streaming through the trees at the end of the day. We’re usually at the park, and when the sun drops low in the sky, the potato salad and the rest of the picnic isn’t far behind. And then, when my heart is full, an Osprey soars overhead, searching the depths of the lake for a fish.
So, if I had one more day, I’d spend most of it outside with my family, but I’d also spend some of it writing. Writing is a joy to me, and no, I never tire of it. Where else can you control events, make dreams come true, and make people happy when they read your stories?
It’s not much, to be true, but for me these things represent true happiness. Perhaps that’s why many of my stories end with a family scene that takes place outside.
What’s your ideal day?

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