Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It's about the ghost

I recently decided to take a cold, hard look at my books. It's easy to see which ones are the most popular; the ones with the most reviews, for which I'm always thankful.
   But tucked in there among the other more popular books is a gem of a book. At least I've always felt that way. It's entitled Moonlight Dancer.
  Moonlight Dancer features a handsome ghost who was killed in a rodeo accident. The woman he was about to marry died shortly after of a broken heart and he refuses to 'pass over' until he connects with her. It's also a contemporary romance between a woman named Charlie who befriends the ghost and Jason, the rancher next door, whose practical side won't allow him to believe in ghosts.
  Two parallel love stories with gentle, ghostly elements.
  What's the point of this blog, you ask? The point is, I stepped back and allowed myself to look at the book critically. If it's such a great story, why weren't people buying it with the same enthusiasm they've shown my other books?
  The answer was simple. I hadn't told them enough about the ghosts; about the enduring love story.
  So I wrote a prologue, letting the reader experience what had happened all those years ago. It is, after all, the balance point upon which the story rests.
  I hope you like the new and improved Moonlight Dancer. I do. And oh, yes, I changed the categories at Amazon so that people who like ghosts and paranormal could find it more readily. It's working. Enjoy, and if you like it, I'd appreciate a review.

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