Monday, May 7, 2012

What Would You Do?

  Ok, so I didn’t win the lottery this week. But then neither did anyone else, it appears. The prize next Friday will still be $50 million, plus around ten chances at a “supplemental” prize of $1 million. How ironic that a million dollars has been relegated to the “also ran” position.
  Here in Canada, when you win the Lottery you get to keep all of the money. It’s tax-free...manuahi, as the Hawaiians would say...Free. Of course you pay tax on the interest you make on the money...but who cares?
  I haven’t had much time for day dreaming recently...I’ve been working on my latest novel. But as I was taking a break after uploading the new book to Amazon, I started to think. What if I had won the big prize? Would I still write? I always admire those people who, when faced with television cameras, declare their intent to keep on living just as they are. But after the lights are turned off and reality sets in, do they really keep on working? There must be some interesting stories, because there was a television programme about that very thing, but I didn’t watch it...too busy writing.
  I suppose a lot depends on age, marital status, level of contentment in your life, and whether or not you have a valid passport. For me, writing is a joy, even if I do have a sore neck every afternoon when I finally stop. (I visualize my characters...what they are doing...and I look down as I’m writing). Even if I don’t meet my word count goal every day there’s a sense of accomplishment coupled with the thrill of wondering what the characters are going to get up to tomorrow. So often they take me in directions I never would have suspected when I started the story.
  So no, I don’t think I’d stop writing. But if I won I would go back to London (Business Class of course), stay at the Dorchester, and spend plenty of time in front of the Turners at the National Gallery. Sheer bliss!!
  In the meantime, I’ll keep on writing.
  What would you do?


  1. Interesting question, Mona. There's probably plenty of things I'd do if I won the lottery, help my children, g'childrent, travel, remodel my kitchen, and I might not feel so pressured to keep writing so that I have at least two books out every year, but would I quit writing? No, I still have too many stories inside my head wanting to written.

    1. Hi Loretta:
      You'd disappoint a lot of people if you DID stop writing!