Monday, May 21, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile

A Smile Is Worth A Thousand Words

Wait, that’s not right, is it? Maybe it should be, but that’s another blog topic.
Recently I’ve been thinking about how life is good and that led me in all sorts of directions – one of which was what makes me smile.
This is not going to be earth-shaking, or controversial, just simple things that make me smile:

Male California Quail. Have you ever noticed how the male behaves when the pair has chicks? He sits up on a fence post or other lookout point as they’re moving from one place to another, watching over them. Now that’s devotion! Especially since quail often abound in areas where there are a lot of raptors. Or are the raptors there because of the quail? Never mind, the male California Quail is a little feathered hero in my book and he makes me smile.

The scent of lilacs. When my husband and I were married, the gardener at The Empress Hotel forced some lilacs in time for our wedding reception. The scent of lilacs brings back that day and I can’t help but smile.

Children playing on the beach. I don’t care for screaming children...too many today shriek at the top of their lungs for nothing. But there’s something comforting about hearing children playing happily together. I can live with a little noise in times like that.

I smile when I hear Willie Nelson singing The City of New Orleans. Have you ever listened to the lyrics? They’re by Arlo Guthrie, but Willie made them famous. My favourite line is “The sons of Pullman porters and the sons of engineers ride their father’s magic carpet made of steel.” For me that simple line encapsulates life on the railways. I’d like to do more train travel.

I like the sound of lake water lapping against the rock of the Canadian Shield in Ontario. Brings back happy summer memories when my parents rented a cottage and my sister and I climbed all over the rocks that guarded one side of the lake.

Sandhill Cranes. During migration they fly in a ragged V formation. Every once in a while they find a thermal and the formation breaks up. They swirl around, chortling and squawking as they gain altitude. I used to live on a flyway for Sandhills and I never tired of the sight or the sound of these magnificent birds.

Puppy Dogs. I love their enthusiasm, their big feet, their smell. Don’t get me started.

A clean goal in a hockey game. Preferrably scored by the Canucks, but any good goal will make me smile. I particularly like goals that result from a pass. A thing of beauty, eh?

What makes you smile?

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