Saturday, October 11, 2014

Here it comes...

... the blog about being thankful. A reminder to all of my non-Canadian friends: it's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada.
   First of all, I'm thankful to be living in Canada. We're not perfect by any means, but we're known as being steadfast friends, both personally and internationally. In my opinion, that counts for a lot.
   I'm thankful for my family. When I first married into such a large family I thought I'd never be able to keep them all straight. And I was right, but I enjoy seeing what they're up to on facebook, and in the occasional phone call. On 'my' side of the family, my father was one of six brothers. Almost all of them settled in the Niagara peninsula of Ontario, and that's where my cousins live now. I don't see them often enough, but they're great people. I had an interesting experience last summer when my sister and I visited. "The girls" were meeting in a restaurant, and when I heard the server mention Mrs. Angle, I looked around for my mother. She was referring to the wife of one of my male cousins of course, but it startled me, and reminded me that many other people still use the name I grew up with. And the men on that side of the family ... let's just say they all inherited the handsome genes, not to mention charm. They're something else.
   I'm thankful for my writing. Call me boring, but I enjoy the research before every book. There's always something to look up. I've learned a lot of interesting facts since I started. Especially recently, while writing a historical romance series.
   I'm thankful for my eyesight. I just finished cataract surgery on both eyes. Perhaps I should rephrase that: the doctor finished the surgery... I just lay there. I'm an avid bird-watcher, and having 20-20 vision again is more than I could have hoped for. But I have it, nonetheless.
   I had intended to write a commercial-free post, but I don't want to leave out the readers who have enjoyed my books. Just yesterday one of my books hit one hundred five-star reviews. What a gift! I appreciate every review on every book, but a milestone like that makes me want to keep writing. It also makes me want to get better with every book. So thank you.
   Now it's time to get back to Book Three in the Gold Rush series. These books don't write themselves, unfortunately...

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