Sunday, August 26, 2012

You Gotta Read This

A friend of mine set up a new facebook page today. As authors, we’re always trying to steer people toward our books, but I suspect that some people are becoming tired of the constant pleas to “buy my book”. Do we want you to buy our books? Of course, but as authors we read constantly and every once in a while we come across something outstanding. Thus the name of the facebook page: You Gotta Read This.
  My first posting on the page is a book that was recommended to me by my granddaughter. The young woman has eclectic tastes, I’ll say that for her. The page is brand new, but I recommend you keep an eye on it. Chances are you’ll discover a gem.

I You Gotta Read....SHANTARAM
There’s something about this book that erases the boundaries between genres, and between the sexes. I’ve recommended this book to something like ten people now...adventure readers, romance readers, men and women, and every single one has enjoyed it.
  No, that’s not right. They didn’t just enjoy it, they raved about it. Several have mentioned to me that it’s difficult to get into, and I can understand that. I found it difficult to get started on it as well, but once I was into it, I was hooked, and I rode the story right to the end.
  Before I became engrossed in this story I knew nothing about India, and very little about her people. Am I now an expert from reading this book? No, but the knowledge I gleaned has afforded me a small amount of insight, and brought into focus some things I’ve seen on television, or read about in other books.
  It’s an adventure story, a love story and a story of compassion. The author, Gregory David Roberts doesn’t hide the fact that he has an unsavory past. He shows us who he is, faults and all, and we end up liking and respecting him for his honesty.
  I’ve read this book twice and recommended it to many of my friends and family. Now I’m recommending it to you. Come back when you’ve finished and let me know what you think. You'll find it on Amazon.

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