Tuesday, August 7, 2012

In the good old summertime...

Summer has finally caught up with me - to the extent that I won't be posting a blog this week or next.
  It's about slowing down and enjoying the weather, enjoying visiting with friends and family, and next week I'll be taking a bit of a holiday to San Francisco.
  I've had a novel percolating around in my head for quite some time now...a historical romance, set in San Francisco. I've visited there before, but I wasn't a scribbler then, so I'll be keeping my eye open for historical sites, and I understand there are plenty.
  Next week, commencing August 16th, I'll be offering Moonlight Dancer  free on Amazon.com. It's a contemporary romance with a touch of paranormal. It's a delightful book...give it a try.
  And just to show you what the weather was like this morning in the Okanagan valley, here's a picture I took at breakfast.
  See you in 3 weeks!

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