Thursday, September 18, 2014

Here I Go Again...

... getting ready to start writing a new book. It's an exciting, if daunting time. A time when I won't get to have coffee with my friends nearly as often as I should. When I write, I put my head down and lose myself in the story. I "see' the setting and the characters, and I hear their words.
   This next one is Book Three in the Gold Rush Romances series. Until I started researching this series, I hadn't realized that Hawaiians played a part in the Gold Rush. The explosion of San Francisco's population created a demand for everything, and the entrepreneurs in Hawaii were only too happy to supply food, especially sugar. The sandalwood trade had just died down, so sugar filled the void nicely. Another thing I learned was that many young Hawaiian men served as seamen on ships sailing all over the world. It makes sense when you think about it... they virtually grew up in and on the water.
   Marriage by Mistake is the story of Nalani Hoapili, a young Hawaiian woman raised by missionaries, and Aidan Edwards, a friend of Jamie's from New York. We met Jamie in Restless Hearts; he's the one with the ranch near Sacramento.
   I won't spoil it for you by telling more of the storyline, but I've really enjoyed plotting it out, and look forward to letting the words come. I expect it will be released some time in November, but I'll keep you informed.

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