Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Kiss

The Kiss. What a great title for an up-coming anthology penned by  over twenty authors in one of my writing groups. The fun part of this anthology is that the group is made up of authors who write in in virtually every genre - not just romance, like you'd expect. As a matter of fact, I think only a few of us wrote straight romance for this one.
    We hope to have the anthology released in January and you'll be seeing lots about it in various venues. Some great authors are included, and guess what? It will be free, with Amazon's co-operation. I'll let you know more as the release date gets closer.
   Here's the cover.

   In the meantime, I'm off on a much-needed vacation for a few weeks. I put in some long hours writing my latest series, which is doing very nicely, thank you. I'll be back toward the end of January, batteries re-charged and raring to go!

   Best to everyone in 2014.

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