Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sometimes I Surprise Myself

No kidding. I can still do that!
As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’d thought that my five books with my former publisher would languish and eventually fade away. I was ready to accept that, albeit reluctantly.
  As a goodbye gesture, I re-read them, just before Amazon’s Montlake Press took them over. And surprise, surprise, these are great story lines! Yes, there are the traditional romantic entanglements, but the stories are fresh and unique. I’m proud of them, and now even moreso, with Montlake’s new covers.  Here are two more:

But Not For Me
Many of us can relate to this story. Erin is a chef, and frankly, a little heavier than she’d like to be. She accepts a new position at a floating fishing lodge on the West Coast of British Columbia. On the way there, the boat she’s traveling in sinks, and she’s stuck with three other people on the beach. I like this one, and am so happy to see it revived.
Here’s the link:

The Shell Game
I was inspired to write this one when I visited cottage country in Ontario. The Muskokas are famous as boating and cottage country, and my husband grew up in the area. Rebecca inherits a bed and breakfast lodge when her grandmother dies, but her wily grandmother has left a surprise:  She must share it with the man who broke her heart on the night of her school graduation. Fun, light, and ultimately romantic, it’s a great story.
Here’s the link:

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