Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Beautiful British Columbia

Just back from a quick trip to Vancouver Island. Gorgeous sunny weather to highlight the (as usual) outstanding scenery. Spent a couple of nights in Sidney, and the first night Mount Baker was clearly visible in all its ice-cream-sundae splendour.
   Coming back on the ferry, I was struck by how often I include this spectacular area in my books. In Fallen Angel, Laura goes to a rehab on Vancouver Island by ferry, and in the same book, Bradley, the male love interest, travels from the island to the Okanagan Valley by ferry. In Fixing Freddie, Freddie takes Samantha over to Pender Island for lunch and a shopping trip. In Promise Me, there are several scenes on the beaches of the island, and in my latest, Loving From Afar, there's a scene where Cole leaves the island when his father gets sick, and the final scene of the book, on a beach.
   I suppose it would be fair to say I love the Island, and I'm proud to do so. Here are a couple of pictures I took on the way back.

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