Saturday, March 9, 2013

It's Hockey Night in Canada

   I can still remember as a little girl, sitting around the radio on Saturday night, and hearing Foster Hewitt say those magical words..."It's Hockey Night in Canada."
   In my memory, the radio is a large brown piece of furniture. It had cut-outs on the side, covered in some sort of fabric. I remember this, because I could see little lights glowing on the inside while we listened to hockey, or The Long Ranger, or Hopalong Cassidy. I still get shivers up my back when I hear the words "The Shadow Knows".
   But hey...I'm getting off track.
   In this shortened hockey season, almost every night is hockey night in Canada. Only this week, unnecessary violence raised its ugly head again.
   I wrote about this some time ago in a romance novella. In Blogging From the Heart, Claire's brother, who plays in a minor hockey league in Vancouver, is sidelined for the rest of the season as a result of a concussion. She agrees to blog for a local newspaper, and of course her topic of choice is violence in hockey.
   When she meets an attractive, rugged man with a broken nose she doesn't recognize him as a key player for the Vancouver Canucks. Defending his sport, Jack Logan agrees to blog from the opposing point of view, unaware that Claire is the person on the other side of the argument.
    How can Claire trust Jack when he hasn't told her who he is... not to mention the fact that he refers to her opinions as 'drivel'?
    Blogging From the Heart is a sweet romantic novella at just over 20,000 words.
    By the way, this novella is also available in a collection I've called The Great White North. It's bargain priced and is offered along with Fixing Freddie, and Listen To Your Heart. All of these stories take place in and around Vancouver and Whistler.

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