Sunday, January 20, 2013

I wonder if it's in our DNA?

...the love of hockey, that is. The Canucks had their first game of the 'season' last night and I watched, like the hockey-starved Canadian that I am. Another one tonight, so the cravings should lessen a bit by the end of that game.
  We Canadians like to say that hockey is our game. Not so true any more with fantastic players coming from south of the border, not to mention across the pond. Look at the Canucks - the Sedins from Sweden, Kesler from the US, Schneider from the US. Diversity is good for the game, and that's what counts.
  My parents loved to tell me how they would go to the old Maple Leaf Gardens and stand through entire games. Back in the 30s, they couldn't afford to sit in the stands, but that didn't dilute their pleasure one iota. Maybe it is in my DNA!
  Ah, hockey. Good to see you back!

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